Die Paralympischen  Winterspiele VANCOUVER 2010 haben begonnen.


Erfolgreiches Gelingen !

Die 15. Welt- Olympia-Sammlermesse des Jahres 2010 wird durch

  • das IOC/Philatelic Department-FIPO,
  • das Deutsche Olympia- & Sportmuseum in Köln und durch
  • die IMOS

am 16.-18.April 2010 im DSOM Köln durchgeführt. 

Cologne to host  2010 Olympic Collectors Fair

The German Sports and Olympic Museum in Cologne will be the venue for the 2010 Olympic Collectors Fair.

The Fair will be held on 16-18 April and, in a excellent example of Olympic teamwork, will combine with the German Sports and Olympic Collectors (IMOS) Fair normally held each year at the Museum.

The German Sports and Olympic Museum is located in a very picturesque setting on the banks of the Rhine, in an area  which attracts many visitors due in no small way to the location of a chocolate museum right next door to the Sports Museum. For more information about the German Sports and Olympic Museum , do to www.sportsmuseum.info.

Cologne is a vibrant city , with a rich history, offering many attractions to visitors. Its central location in Europe also makes it an easy and economical place for travel.

Information about the programme for the Fair, and how to register, will be available before the end of 2009.

However, Olympic Collectors should reserve the dates 16-18 April , 2010 in their diary right now.

20./21. März 2010
IMOS- Regionaltreffen in Bruchsal

6.-8. Mai 2010
IMOS- Wahlkongress Wolfenbüttel

19./20. Juni 2010
IMOS- Regionaltreffen in Halle und Zörbig